Friday 22 January 2016

Phoebe sew along

There can be a better way to start the sewing year by coming together improving ones skills and making a lovely new stylish outfit. So here I am my first sew along for at least three years. Colette patterns are so lovely, my aim is to improve my fitting and sewing skills so that I had a real desire to wear my own makes, and build that hand made wardrobe.

Once my pattern was in my hands I couldn't help myself but think fabric! I must admit I felt rather torn between version 1 and 2. I planned for version 2 as the button front is just adorable. My fabric choice made me feel that I was making a dress that is suitable for the winter and early (often rather chilly spring)

This is a mini corduroy with a great match of lining. I am genuinely excited to get started. Although looking through my stash for inspiration I did come across a lovely vintage cotton that I thought would be a great version 2 and would be a perfect later spring to summer. 

As I have been tracing the pattern and cutting it out, planning toile for a good fit I thought 'what the heck' so I'm turning a little crazy and planning both versions 1 and 2!

All I can hope for is that I don't get to bogged down, and best scenario is that I end up with two beautiful dresses. This is rather an exciting start to the year, what are your plans ?

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  1. Charlotte I love this pattern..[Have not bought it yet, but its on my list] I think both fabrics are gorgeous. And how fun that you are going to make both views.. Look forward to seeing your new dresses. Happy sewing.