Monday 18 March 2013


No have not had any trouble with my baking efforts recently. Rock solid is the assault course running event I took part in yesterday. Whilst I have been away from my blogging life I have been working to become the fitter sleeker self I dream of. Truth is my waist line has not got any smaller and I am always hungry, more positively I am a fitter happier person.

The reason for this is ROCK SOLID, in our crazy "yes we can do anything" moments my friend Zoe and I signed up for the assault course commando style 5k. The 5k wasn't the problem the tasks where. 

Here is the the sunnier version from last year where as when we started to run you could see your breath.what it doesn't show you is the mud mud mud, and running through rivers, swimming through lakes, going through ice baths, carrying logs up hills climbing over hay bails and vertical walls.

What I can say is that although I am battered bruised and aching, Zoe and I made it and we finished smiling and the best time!!!

It was such a fun day, everyone was so friendly and helpful. And yes I think I will do it again, maybe the 10k??


  1. Oh my gosh that looks fuuuuuun!!! :-D

  2. Wow.. I bet you are in fantastic shape..So proud you and your friend had such a good time [and helped get in shape on top of it]
    I have been missing your blogging..But so , understand the busy family life..

  3. Rather you than me if I'm honest! hehe! Really impressed you've done that and that you are even considering the 10K! Congratulations!

  4. CONGRATULATIONS! That looks like a marvelous time!

  5. Yay! Your back!!!!
    Wow!! You guys are amazing for completing such a feat, it must be a fabulous feeling to have achieved it and I have utter admiration for your even thinking of doing the 10k! xxxx

  6. hey thanks for the cool comments! I'm enjoying being back in blogger world and sharing a few fun activities.x x x