Friday 8 June 2012

A little bit of crafty cutness.

I'm not always the best at making loveliness for my nearest and dearest, but I did manage a little but of cuteness for Arthur's 3rd birthday this week. I used up fabric from my winter trousers!

I hope to share this with Linda, Justine, Susan, and Elizabeth on their link days, and as Elizabeth's is the Thread, which includes what your reading I would like to say I have started a great new book
Company of Liars  


  1. What a sweet rabbit. 3 is a great age. Hope the birthday was fun.

  2. Happy, happy Third birthday Arthur!!!

    Love your new rabbit.. so cute.. And such a sweet mom..

  3. Happy Birthday to your little guy! He and the bunny make an adorable pair!

  4. lucky little boy. Happy birthday Arthur x

  5. Aww! Bunny!

    That book is awesome! I didn't see the ending coming. I really like her second book too, The Owl Killers.

  6. Thank you everyone, Arthur had a wonderful birthday. I really enjoyed making this and as usual I have promised to do more as gifts (we will see if I really get round to it though!)