Thursday 29 March 2012

OWOP, day five. The truth about my sewing.

Ther will be no wearing shots today as I prppose to tell you the horrid truth about my sewing. The photo you get is this

A sad tale can only follow. As I mentioned yesterday I start to rush the closer I get to a finished product. The result it short cuts that don't work and having to redo even quicker, what I', racing for is a mystery. Today's end result though ended up in  ruining my top. I am truly saddened by this as I just loved the fabric and print.

I would like to tell you the truth even further, many of the items I wear have little faults  such as hems falling, a hole where I have sniped a bit of fabric, bias binding that hasn't taken. All in all it has opened my eyes to my shoddyness!

What I propose to do is to become more mindful in my sewing approach. I intend to use my yogi and meditation principles into my sewing. This I will know will be a hard task but the end result is this. Better garmets, made with more love, a reminder as to why I sew rather than the personal manic stage I find myself in. So I have put together a little picture for the side of my blog. As I post I will see it and I will know if I have worked mindfully.

You may also use the picture on your own blog should you wish.


  1. Great approach... I feel sometimes that I also pressured to just show what I'm working... As I am to learn more theory hopefull I will keep slowing down... Xx

  2. I used to leave my mistakes since I was in too much of a hurry to wear what I was making. But I realized I don't wear the things with mistakes because I KNOW they are there. I will now take the time to go back and fix things which takes more time, but I'll be more apt to actually wear the result!

  3. Charolette,
    I so understand your frustration with speeding up, making mistakes. I think we all live in a rushed up world...'HURRY UP, HURRY UP'.and our sewing is effected too.
    I am so sorry your blouse got torn, It is beautiful.. Try not to be too down on your self.. You have made some beautiful things.
    Here's to both of us ..being able to slow down, and enjoy our sewing hobby..
    ps. I admire you for telling us about your mishaps ..Trust me..I have them too. You are very special.

  4. Oh no your poor top!
    I can totally empathise with your way of working as I do exactly the same thing, I think partly because I know if I take my time I am likely to get bored and want to start something new before its finished (hello UFO list!) But I definitely should be at the stage now where I care more about the finish rather than finishing it...must try harder:)

  5. Ahh, I know that scene well...reminds me of Me Made March.

    Can you close the gash and hide it with a flower-y or ruffle trim? Bit like the first top you wore for this? You could have a cascade of flowers running down from your shoulder and across the front? Worth keeping an open mind on before you use it for lining a bag or similar.

  6. Love the concept of mindful sewing! I really do need to slow down on the process; I have found my rush to get through also deters me from starting projects I know will take time. Being less attached and more flexible and willing to do things well... oh to dream! I will make more efforts to do the same. :)

  7. Well you are not alone in this category of rushing. Love your mindful sewing concept - something we can all use...

  8. Thank you everyone. Isn't it funny how you think you're the only one..........
    Judy you are so kind and always support us bloggers so well. I have thought of adding some more notions to pretty it up, I may have to fall in love with it again firts.
    I have to say I don't have a UFO dressmaking list, I only work on one item at a time, but I do have ther biggest craft UFOs, they fo back years!!
    Speaking out has really changed how I think, I really feel that being mindful is my way forward. Good luck to all of you, hope you find you're way forward. x x x

  9. I am very much a supporter of your new approach - in that I should apply it more to myself sometimes!! It's a good mantra

  10. Just a glance at that photo you posted and I simultaneously cringed and nodded slowly in full agreement and knowledge of your problem. Sewing is great because it demands some attention but allows for some time in which your mind can wander. But when the wandering mind can't come back to full concentration, that's when the most mistakes happen.

    Anyway, your approach of "mindful sewing" sounds quite wise, and I love the little blog decal you made.

  11. I love the idea of mindful sewing. Think I will try and incorporate this a bit more in my own sewing once I get back to my machine. Thanks for sharing.


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